Here are some recent examples of vegan celebration cakes we've made. Each cake is customised and made to order.  The flavours we offer are listed here and we offer a cake sample box once a month. 

There are two types of cake that we make: fondant-covered cakes, which are coated with dark chocolate ganache to get smooth sides and sharp edges.  These cakes are dry to the touch and can hold detailed sugar decoration.


We also make frosted cakes – these take less time and cost to make so they’re cheaper. The frosting is soft so any sugar decoration is kept to a minimum, either not touching the frosting or chunky enough not to dissolve.

We also make cupcakes and bundt cakes. 

chess cake portrait
Audrey Hepburn cake
padlock engagement cake
floating otter cake
dark blue moon stars frosted cake-1
nerf cake
Star Wars two tier
silhouette lavender cake
semi naked christening cake
Paddington cake
Ratatouille cake
lion monkey tree trunk bark effect cake
girl and her dog cake
Bambi cake
Disney Up cake-1
two tier christening cake bear
two tier frosted drip macarons mini cupcakes
Lion King silhouette cake
black and white stripe tall 6 inch cake
Little Miss hug cake
safari lion monkey elephant giraffe cake-2
christening cake white roses
rainbow stripe cake-1
frosted dinosaur cake-3
peacock cake
gender reveal cake
baby shower two tier cake
baby shoes christening cake
cactus cake-2
pastel ombre gerberas
Tiktok rainbow stripe cake
PS5 cake
Japanese blossom cake
Martial Arts dragon cake
ski cake
real tennis cake
two tier space astronaut cake
fox deer owl two tier
Mr Tumble cake
baby shark two tier
Andy Warhol cake
James Bond cake
Sonic hedgehog cake
baby shower washing line cake
Storm Trooper cake
graduation frosted cake black topper
mini cupcakes macarons and chocolate bar
Lankybox cake
five way Marvel superheroes cake
ferret axolotl rabbit raccoon cat owl ra
anniversary topper fresh flowers white
giraffe stars clouds first birthday cake
pink crown rainbow ruffles
baby shark cake
scientist Tyne Bridge Golden Gate cake
sugar roses one tier cake
blue ombre cake blue macarons
Talking Tom cake
Garfield cake
pug birthday cake
Jaws shark cake
modern art cake Kandinsky Mondrian
solar system cake
pink ombre blue drip macarons cake
Super Mario cake topper
stargazer two tier cake
black white choc drip
Jurassic Park cake T Rex
Peppa Pig cake 2d topper-2
golf cake black gold silver
frosted dinosaur cake-2
gold topper macarons ombre drip
Oreo cake
Miffy cake
labrador dog tree trunk cake
Marie cat aristocat cake
triple choc cake with macarons
cactus cake
fire engine cake
birch tree frosted cake
white choc raspberry birthday cake
semi naked 6 inch with macarons-1
Roblox cake
Eeyore cake-2
Yosemite cake bear raccoon
Mickey Mouse cake
Spot the Dog cake
Moana Hawaii cake
two tier peonies camellias-2
Thomas Tank cake
Moon Baby cake
Supernatural cake
two tier shoe topper
Superdad cake
Liverpool cake
greyhound cake
Jujitsu black white cake
flop eared rabbits_
shark cake
barber frosted cake
white chocolate hearts bees cake
Little Prince cake
tree trunk 6 inch cake
Spiderman frosted cake
Minnie Mouse Westie cake
two tier blush pink frosted cake with pe
NUFC black marbled cake
Rick and Morty cake
flamingo cake
polar bear cake
Animal Crossing cake
train bus car cake_
scuba diving cake
PJ Masks cake
red gold watercolour roses strawberries
Peter Rabbit frosted ombre cake
yellow ombre sunflowers macarons bunting
choc pumpkin spice cake
carpenter cake
Harry Potter snitch cake
butterfly macarons watercolour cake
Fortnite cake
boy or girl gender reveal gold macarons_
alpaca cat cake
purple ombre snowy owl cake
Bertie Bassett liquorice allsort cake
spitfire cake
Ghostbusters cake
walking Lakes cake
monkey banana cake_
swan cake
Lord of the Rings Arwen Evenstar necklac
Matilda cake
orange ombre crushed Oreo fox cake
Spike Peanuts cake_
Two tier Frozen cake lilac blue_
seal cake water effect
coffee walnut semi naked caramel drip fo
Flopsy Rabbit cake
Totoro stars clouds cake
pig on the moon cake baby girl
baby boy moon cake
purple gold watercolour cake macarons li
sunflower yellow ombre cake
Outlander cake
lion balloons cake
pink watercolour cake matching cookies a
Land Rover tent cake
spaceman rocket cake black
man dog bike cake
blossom anniversary cake
lemon coconut tall 8 inch macarons
frosted surf cake
family blue marbled cake
runner cake_
rose frosted cake
cherry and almond ombre cake
rainbow cake with chocolate drip
choc mac salted caramel truffles drip 8
Lord of the Rings cake topper
Rolex cake
baby shower cake pink
Koala cake
Iron Man Spider Man cake
8 inch cake with sugar roses and sweetpe
samoyed cake
swimming pool cake
two pink watercolour cakes with strawber
maple pecan cinnamon cake with macarons.
Choc fudge sprinkle birthday cake
burgundy sugar flowers birch tree trunk.
choc drip strawberry frosted cake
xbox control cake
turtle beach cake
new home cake maple pecan cinnamon
Minecraft frosted cake
horse silhouette cake
hammerhead shark cake
dolphin seaside beach picnic cake
allotment cake shed
Hades Funko water frosted cake
Cat Noir cake
Teletubbies cake-2
coconut cake
guerilla vegan cake candles
Minnie Mouse topper cake
surf beach cake
Nintendo cake
rugby player mango cake
Ryan's World cake vegan
formula 1 F1 vegan cake Renault
mint choc vegan cake_
pink watercolour vegan cake with roses a
Superman vegan cake
two tier disco cake vegan
woodland semi naked vegan cake
Disney Cars 2D vegan cake
valentine vegan cake_
LV vegan carrot cake
full moon wolf vegan cake
Peter Rabbit vegan cake
pink frosted sprinkle cake vegan_
girl sleeping at desk chihuahua vegan ca
pink purple blue frosted vegan chocolate
otter blue frosted watercolour cake vega
Burj vegan cake
Dobby gluten free vegan carrot cake_
8 inch vegan choc cake with macarons clo
two tier rose pistachio vegan cake tall
Canada cake vegan
tall two tier vegan cake sugar peony ros
Captain America vegan cake
Black Panther cake vegan
pink L cake vegan
watch whisky vegan cake_
Everest vegan cake_
sheep toy vegan cake
bike cake vegan
tennis cake vegan_
round minecraft vegan cake
Man Utd football vegan cake
lion crocodile zebra giraffe vegan cake.
blue ombre tall two tier christening cak
two tier gin vegan cake
cloud rainbow cake vegan
purple night sky cake vegan_
little boy camper van balloons vegan cak
Christmas chocolate cake vegan
baby girl first birthday balloons vegan
baby Scribblenauts vegan cake
two tier frosted ombre Frozen cake
teal twin bears three tier cake vegan
Toy Story vegan cake
pink ombre drip cake with macarons sprin
physio cake vegan
My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle
semi naked bridal shower cake vegan
50th wedding anniversary cake cats vegan
seahorse watercolour vegan cake
Biscoff frosted vegan cake
one tier hey duggee vegan cake
motorbike vegan cake
medic vegan cake
two bears two rats vegan cake
blush pink gold blossom vegan birthday c
dinosaur gluten free vegan cake
lilac frosted vegan cake fresh flowers
two tier choc raspberry vegan cake
unicorn mermaid vegan cake
two tier engagement vegan cake
Bing bunny vegan cake
purple frosted white drip pink choc maca
Peppa pig family soy free vegan cake
rabbit owl baby girl vegan cake
golf vegan cake_
baby girl vegan birthday cake
dinosaur vegan cake
Harry Potter books vegan cake
Game of Thrones dragon scales vegan cake
elephant vegan christening cake_
Gruffalo cake vegan
Hey Duggee vegan cake_
Elvis vegan cake
vegan lion rainbow balloon cake
vegan 80th birthday cake with figure
football vegan cake
LOL doll vegan cake
law vegan cake
rilakkuma vegan cake
mermaid tail vegan cake
sugar beagles vegan cake
NUFC shirt vegan cake
superhero vegan cake
two tier yellow vegan cake two dogs_
black and gold vegan birthday cake champ
pink purple turquoise vegan cake with ma
bat vegan cake
Disney Cars cake vegan
hulk iron man vegan cake
choc rasp vegan cake
vegan woodland log cake_
Stranger Things birthday cake vegan
baby girl wolf soy free vegan cake
Greggs PETA vegan chocolate cake sugar p
christmas cakes fox deer rabbit
frosted Christmas cake mulled wine spice
two tier train vegan cake
blue purple frosted vegan cake with tedd
frosted vegan cake mum and dog
pet portrait vegan cake
three dogs vegan cake
vegan star wars yoda cake
vegan funfetti cake 18
choc mac strawberry vegan cake
pink ombre bee vegan cake
three tier vegan cloud rainbow cake for
purple butterfly cake vegan
unicorm watercolour iced cake vegan
two dogs pale green vegan birthday cake.
quacky bird frosted blue vegan cake
baby shower animals vegan cake
blue watercolour frosted vegan cake
turquoise pink watercolour vegan cake_
purple vegan cake bunting bow
train vegan cake_
my little pony celestia vegan cake
frosted autumn fox vegan cake
piglet vegan cake
cars vegan cake
peach gold blossom vegan cake wedding
totoro toppers cake 2
Rapunzel cake vegan
watercolour lemon raspberry vegan cake
21st pastel vegan cake bunting macarons
blush pink elephant christening cake vegan
graduation cake vegan
two tier mint green blossom vegan cake
princess castle cake vegan
glastonbury wedding cake vegan
construction truck vegan cake
spaceman rocket cake vegan
mint green frosted giraffe cake vegan
teepee cake vegan
semi naked vegan wedding cake
frosted pink vegan cake gold glitter topper
Bloodaxe books two tier vegan cake
two tier pink frosted wedding cake rose pistachio vegan
macaron ombre frosted vegan cake
unicorn purple blue frosted vegan cake
Wonka cake vegan
baby sharks cake vegan
Marvel comic cake vegan
two tier sugar ruffles wedding cake vegan
Game of Thrones cake vegan
rainbow cake vegan
two tier frosted vegan cake
pink ombre cake vegan
naked wedding cake four tier fresh flowers vegan
Easter rabbit choc raspberry rose cake
unicorn turquoise cake cupcakes vegan
owl birthday cake vegan
pink elephant baby girl birthday cake vegan
cow birthday cake vegan
vegan gluten free naked wedding cake
two tier watercolour vegan cake
100 days vegan cake
red velvet two tier
cat DJ vegan cake
cat cycling cake vegan
Peppa frosted cake vegan
Harry Potter vegan cake
ombre cake blue vegan snowflakes
mini vegan Christmas fruit cakes-2
Mermaid cake vegan
cars and ducks cake vegan
christmas cakes 2017
New Zealand cake vegan
gluten free vegan wedding cake rustic-2
pink watercolour frosted vegan cake with macarons
choc orange vegan Halloween cake
sport cake vegan
Miffy ombre cake vegan
farm cake one tier vegan
cherry choc ganached cake
Peppa Pig vegan cake
tree trunk vegan wedding cake
pink two tier watercolour vegan cake unicorn
blue frosted unicorn cake vegan soy free
two dogs vegan birthday cake
blue choc drip vegan choc macaron cake
snowboarding vegan cake
woodland two tier vegan cake
mint green pink flowers vegan cake
allotment cake vegan
choc fudge vegan cake with macarons
Frida Kahlo vegan cake
farm cake vegan
Princess Mononoke cake vegan gf
Minnie Mouse cake vegan gf
purple ombre cake vegan
two tier vegan wedding cake bride and groom toppers
batman two tier vegan
wedding cupcake tower vegan2
seaside wedding cake vegan guinea pigs
Two cats vegan soy free birthday cake2
naked vegan wedding cake
superhero gf vegan cake
yellow unicorn panda cactus gf cake
woodland vegan cake
rainbow frosting choc cake vegan
viking unicorn cake vegan
three tier peach ombre cake vegan
cat unicorn bunting cake vegan
Paw Patrol cake vegan
lilac blossom wedding cake vegan
suitcase wedding cake vegan
Noah's ark waves cake
choc macaron pink drip vegan cake
baby shower bunting vegan cake
two tier pink blossom 18th vegan cake-2
carnation purple wedding cake vegan
two tier naked vegan cake
Totoro cake vegan
unicorn pink two tier vegan
chocolate orange book cake vegan
sugar flowers topper
choc strawberry vegan drip cake
naked vegan wedding cake four tier
sunflower sugar
unicorn cake vegan gluten free
Madrid cake vegan2
choc cake white choc drip macarons vegan2
chocolate raspberry blackberry vegan drip cake bunting
choc blackberry vegan
christening cake boat and waves vegan
dinosaur baby vegan
minecraft cake vegan
sugar flower topper vegan cake
bookshelf cake vegan
Frozen snowman vegan
vegan purple bow bunting
stargazer cake vegan-2
Star Wars lego vegan cake
vegan two tier bunting bow
vegan seahorse cake
Vegan minion
vegan fruit cake
vegan gf divorce cake
vegan gf soy free 1st birthday safari cake-2
vegan 30th blue black