Vegan Cupcake Classes 2022

We run several cupcake classes  - the beginners cupcake class focuses on decorating, the unicorn class includes both baking and decorating, while the cocktail cupcakes class is mainly focused on baking.


All the classes are suitable for beginners and everything needed for the class will be provided. Sorry, these classes aren't suitable for under 16s.

If you'd like to book a place on a cake decorating class, please get in touch. If you'd like to book someone a class as a gift, we offer a voucher that can be used on whichever date suits. 

unicorn cupcakes.jpeg
Unicorn cupcake class

This class includes hands-on baking as well as decorating. Learn how to bake multi-coloured cupcakes, how to make rainbow frosting and how to decorate unicorn cupcakes in different styles. At the end of the class you will take home a box of 6 cupcakes that you have baked and decorated yourself. Class is up to 5 people, cost is £45 per person. 


Sunday 29 May, 2-5pm FULL

Sunday 26 June, 2-5pm

cupcake class crop 2022.jpg
Beginners cupcake class

This class is designed as an introduction to lots of decorating techniques that you can also use on larger cakes. We will cover buttercream piping, fondant discs, lettering, metallic painting and sugar decorations. At the end of the class you will leave with a dozen beautiful cupcakes. Class is up to 5 people, cost is £45 per person. 


Sunday 12 June, 2-5pm FULL

Sunday 17 July, 2-5pm FULL

Sunday 2 October, 2-5pm

strawberry pimms cupcakes-2.jpg
Cocktail cupcakes

This baking class takes some classic cocktails and turns them into cupcakes! You will learn how to use alcohol, coffee and fruit in baking, by decorating and taking home six cupcakes in each of these delicious flavours: strawberry Pimms, margarita, piña colada and espresso martini. Class is up to 2 people, cost is £60 per person. For more information please visit this page


Tuesday 14 June, 6pm-9pm