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We can design, bake and decorate your perfect party cake. You can see examples of the cakes we've made in the Cake Gallery

There are different types of cake that we make: fondant-covered cakes, which have a white or dark chocolate ganache undercoat to get smooth sides and sharp edges.  These cakes are dry to the touch and can hold detailed sugar decoration.


We also make buttercream cakes –  the frosting is soft so any sugar decoration is more minimal. This type of cake can also be done in the semi-naked style, with a minimum of frosting coating the cake, or naked with no coating at all. As well as these, we offer "cream" cakes decorated with fresh fruit, cupcakes and bundt cakes.


Our flavours are: vanilla with raspberry jam; white chocolate and fresh raspberry; chocolate; vanilla with Biscoff; lemon; lemon & poppyseed; lemon & blueberry; chocolate orange; chocolate mint; chocolate & peanut; chocolate & rose; carrot cake; vanilla chai; gingerbread; cherry & almond; coffee & walnut; maple pecan & cinnamon; and rose pistachio & cardamom. 


All of the cakes are vegan: dairy-free, egg-free and made in a vegan kitchen with no animal products. 

What size cake do I need?

If you have a rough idea of how many people the cake should serve, it's a big help to us in working out a size and price for your order.

Do you deliver? 

Sorry, it's collection only.



How much does a cake cost? 

Prices start at £40 for a buttercream 6" cake and £65 for a 6" sugarpaste cake. Extra work such as sugar flowers or models will add cost.

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