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Here are some recent examples of vegan cupcakes we've made. Each order is customised and made to order so if there is a style, colour or design you would like, please just ask and we'll do our best. The most popular flavours for cupcakes are chocolate, vanilla and lemon. 

The minimum order is 12 cupcakes in one flavour. Most cupcakes are £30 a dozen but some designs with more work will add cost, while a simple swirl of frosting with sprinkles is £25 a dozen. Please get in touch for a quote.

Cobra Kai cupcakes
yoga om cupcakes
baby girl cupcakes
wild animal jungle safari cupcakes
In the Night Garden cupcakes
auctioneer cupcakes
Hallowe'en cupcakes 12 mixed
artist palette cupcakes
ocean sea turtle seahorse cupcakes
Hawaiian cupcakes
NUFC football cupcakes
summer strawberry cupcakes
trans flag cupcakes
pride rainbow cupcakes
Paddington cupcakes
pokemon cupcakes
superhero cupcakes-2
Frida Kahlo Jimi Hendrix cupcakes
pastel rainbow cupcakes
Kickgame logo cupcakes
cupcakes filigree wrap
blossom birthday cupcakes
two tone rose cupcakes
two tone baby shower cupcakes
choc cupcakes black gold
Minecraft creeper cupcakes
Mexican lime and vanilla cupcakes
dipped strawberry cupcakes-1
thank you cupcakes-2
Harry Potter cupcakes
Louis Vuitton cupcakes
babyshower cupcakes
Batman cupcakes
spring birthday cupcakes-2
Guinness cupcakes bottle
Christmas winter cupcakes
hen party cupcakes lavender
age name cupcakes
baby boy cupcakes
Hallowe'en cupcakes
Minecraft cupcakes_
thank you cupcakes
lemon raspberry cucpakes with summer fru
rabbit ears cupcakes
chocolate lavender cupcakes
school logo cupcakes_
pink graduation cupcakes bow stars
cat cupcakes
hen party cupcakes
gardening cupcakes
carrot vegan cupcakes westie dogs
woodland animals vegan cupcakes
Black Panther cupcakes vegan
baby boy vegan cupcakes
Harry Potter cupcakes vegan
sloth cupcakes vegan
autumn cupcakes 12 flat lay_edited_edite
lego cupcakes vegan-2
LARGE ORDERS ONLY rainbow cupcakes
peppa pig cupcakes
Bumble lemon cupcakes
Hallowe'en choc orange vegan cupcakes
Freddie Mercury vegan cupcakes
rose pink christening cupcakes vegan
21st pastel mix vegan cupcakes
dogs mice pugs vegan cupcakes
unicorn cupcakes vegan
unicorn cupcakes turquoise vegan
springtime lemon cupcakes vegan
jungle animal cupcakes 6 vegan
monkey choc cupcakes vegan
logo cupcakes vegan
rugby ball cupcakes vegan gf
lemon gf rainbow cupcakes vegan
rainbow unicorn choc cupcakes vegan
boxer cupcakes
vegan cat cupcakes grey yellow
Christmas vegan cupcakes 9_-2
schoolleaver cupcakes
logo chocolate cupcakes vegan
Tiffany blue cupcakes silver heart vegan
lemon cupcakes vegan
choc rose wedding vegan cupcakes
rainbow cupcakes vegan
wedding cupcake tower vegan2
choc rose wedding cupcakes vegan gf
pink rose vanila cupcakes vegan
NHS cupcakes vegan
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