Christmas 2021

To order something for Christmas please email Collection is available on most dates in December up to 12 noon on 24 December with payment in advance. Quick reminder that EVERYTHING IS VEGAN.


Yule Log

Chocolate sponge roll filled with chocolate frosting and coated in rich chocolate ganache with almond macaron marshmallow toadstools. Serves ten. £30. (allergens: wheat, soy, almond) Shelf life of four days


Gingerbread bundt cake

Warm gingerbread flavours, iced and decorated with sugar snowflakes. Serves ten. £25 (allergens: wheat, soy) Shelf life of four days


Winter Wonderland vanilla cupcakes

£30 for 12 cupcakes (allergens: wheat, soy) Shelf life of three days


Gingerbread men cupcakes

£30 for 12 cupcakes (allergens: wheat, soy). Cupcakes are available in vanilla or gingerbread flavours. Shelf life of three days


Christmas cake

Vanilla sponge with raspberry jam, decorated with vanilla frosting, macarons, gingerbread, dark chocolate drip and gold sparkles. £50 for a 6 inch cake (serves 8-10), £70 for an 8 inch cake (serves 18-20) (allergens: wheat, soy, almond) Shelf life of four days

Almond butter crunch

Possibly the most addictive thing in the world, this is hard toffee with almonds and dark chocolate, decorated with white chocolate and a sprinkle of luxury gold stars. £8 for 375g, £15 for 750g (allergens: soy lecithin, almond)

This has a long shelf life and can be ordered well before Christmas Day

A full list of ingredients will be provided. Because of time constraints and recent legal changes to food labelling, I can't changes flavours/ingredients or make smaller quantities.