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Vegan Baking Class: Baking with Chocolate

baking chocolate.jpeg

In this class you will learn to veganise some classic chocolate treats, making and taking home:

- a 6 inch chocolate fudge cake

- rich chocolate brownies decorated with dried flowers

- chocolate cake jar

Everything used in the class is vegan. Recipes will be provided to take home along with  notes and guidance. 

Please note that this is a busy, practical class and you will be on your feet for most of it. You will need to wear suitable shoes and be comfortable standing for this amount of time. 

Everything needed for the class will be provided. Class size is up to 2 people. Sorry, this class is not suitable for under-16s. 

If you would like to book for 2 people but the date below doesn't suit, it is possible to arrange another time/date, usually on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday day or evening. 

The cost of the class is £65 per person. To book, please email

new date coming soon

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